Teenager Hacked SchoolMates Records Using Teacher’s Account


We are in an age where millennials do outsmart adults when it comes to utilizing technology. More and more scenes we often see where young teaching their baby boomer parents how to start a Facebook account, install a Snapchat app or start a Skype video call from a mobile device. But there are times that a may go overboard and perform an action that is very much closer to the level of being a cybercriminal. That is exactly what happened in the case of a 13-year old student studying in Columbus City Preparatory School, an exclusive all-boys school.

Through an undisclosed procedure, the student was able to access the credentials from his teachers and was able to enter the school district’s system. The student used his teacher’s credential for threatening fellow students of violence like shooting their house. The 13-year old also tampered with class information and leaked it to an external website of his creation. The teenager created a “hit-list” of fellow schoolmates and took their respective school ID numbers and date of births.

According to the latest investigation, the teenager holds personal information of 60 fellow schoolmates at Columbus City Preparatory School. “It’s been a soapbox because my son was on this list and you’re not telling everything. Even if your son’s not on the list, my son hangs out with your son so, in my opinion, all the parents need to know. Not just the ones on the list,” said Bridgette Class, her son attends Columbus City Preparatory School.

Apparently, the teenager has a long obsession with creating “hit-lists”, as a similar incident occurred in December last year, but this is only the first time that a case of hacking a teacher’s login credential was recorded. “They dismissed it because they couldn’t find the list, and they’re only mentioning one of the lists now when he’s told another student that there are two lists. I’ve filed charges because I feel like my son is in danger. I’ve gone down and started the process of getting a protection order because I need to be able to protect my son on the home front,” added Class.

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Initial reports showed that the teenager was a victim of school bullying last Dec 15, 2018, hence the threat to shoot people seemed like just retaliation on his part. He is now under police custody for unauthorized access of the system. At the time of this writing, the authorities were able to shut down the website that the teenager created to post his “hit list”. The school representative on his part stated: “We take all threats seriously whether we perceive them to be real or not – and contacted Columbus Police. We are moving forward on appropriate disciplinary measures.”

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