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  • One
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  • Unlimited
  • 50 GB
  • 100,000 Monthly
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  • Unlimited
  • SSD
  • 24/7 Technical
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More than Just Web Hosting

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Fastest Shared Web Hosting

At Prosyscom Host, it really is “Our Speed. Your Success.” Those aren’t just words but actually something we strive for everyday. When your site succeeds and outgrows your current Web Hosting package, we can painlessly migrate you to the next package or even to one of our high performance Managed VPS plans or Dedicated Servers.

The Ultimate Network Security Package.

Offer comprehensive wide-ranging control over all the security features you need all in one place, make security simple, yet highly effective.


DDoS Mitigation

Prosyscom has been helping customers detect and mitigate DDoS attacks before they impact their business.



Fight web attacks in seconds without slowing down your website.


Threat Management

We perform in-depth inspections of systems to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that a hacker may use to steal data.

Supported network and application security.

Choose from a range of firewall services for end-to-end network security. Order a server today, or speak to us about a managed service.


DNS Blacklisting Service

Over 15 tests are run against your DNS servers and their configuration.Monitors alert you the instant we detect a dns problem.


Restricted IP Addresses

If your website is experiencing security issues, or you wish to restrict access it’s possible to do so by creating rules in a .htaccess file or via cPanel’s IP Blocker.


Account-level Filtering

When receiving emails on the server, there may be a need for filtering specific email addresses that are coming into the server. Emails can be Discarded, or delivered to a program with the User and Account Level Filtering.

Powerful, Flexible Hosting


45 Days Money - Back

We are so confident you will love our service that we offer 45 days money-back guarantee.

24X7 Call Center

Hosting specialists standing by 24/7 to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Receive help via live chat, e-mail ticket or telephone.

Secure Registrar

Registering your domain through Prosyscom is the most secure way to protect your trademark from domain hijacking.

Advanced Capabilities

Our exclusive Turbo Server option offers you the fastest hosting experience.Enterprise only hardware, based entirely on Solid State Drives(SSD) in RAID protected configurations for the ultimate in reliability and speed.meaning up to over 15x speed improvement compared to other hosts.