Problem with database migrating Drupal 8 site from local to web host (multiple databases)


I’m trying to migrate over a Drupal 8 site developed on my local PC to the web host. Everything is fine with the files transferred over (/site/files, /modules, /themes, etc.), the database has been transferred successfully, but it’s not being read by Drupal (the new site is blank but with the CSS working fine). My web host insists that everything is fine with the settings.php and other files and suggested that I look here for solutions.

The only lead I have is that I notice that the local site I created on Bitnami/Xampp has five different databases: “bitnami_drupal8”, “information_schema”, “mysql”, “performance_schema”, and “sys”.

I’ve been trying to export and import back in the “bitnami_drupal8” database because that seemed to be the main database. There is only one database on my web server (I’m only allowed two).

Do I need to export/import these five databases and merge them into the one on my web host? If not, are there any other suggestions?

Note too: I’ve tried the Backup & Migrate module with backups of the entire site, imported that in, and it still didn’t show anything. It’s like there’s some incompatibility between the local and web host databases.

Thanks a lot

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