New to Apple Ecosystem! And looking at Macbook 2018


Hey all! Like the title says, i'm new here! I know there are ridiculously high number of posts about the 2018 macbooks. Anyway, I'm confident I'll own a Macbook in October when Apple releases the new cheap "800$" Macbook. I have already started saving. I have quite few questions. And would love to discuss what to expect with people who are waiting with me for October release 🙂

Facts I've found so far through rumors:

  • The 13'' model will have Coffee lake processors which is said to be 30% faster than the old ones
  • And it's Quad-core. So, there is gonna be pretty high performance boost
  • There will be a drastic improvement in Battery. I'm not sure how much did a single charge Macbook battery last before. Could anyone comment on that?
  • The entry level model is rumored to be around "699$ – 799$" and don't think we can expect more than 128GB SDD for that price. So, expect to pay around 999$ if you need 256 SSD model 🙂
  • The RAM is pretty much gonna be 8GB. And it would again bump up the price to 1200$ if it's gonna be 16 gigs!
  • There might be an option for LTE, but not sure

A little about why I'm switching to Mac and what i'll be doing. I'm a Data Scientist. I'm planning to start writing my Master thesis this October in my new Mac. I'm a bit active on Kaggle (site for Machine learning projects) and also few projects of my own. I do freelancing work too, so I'll be on the go mostly, hence, need a pretty decent looking, battery efficient model. And I do have a server access to run huge datasets 🙂


  • How much does the battery in the old Macs last if you do programming/machine learning work? approximately?
  • How long can I expect to use a model of 16 gigs of RAM, and i7 Quad-core coffee lake processor without feeling much outdated? I know Macs last for quite long, so please give an approximation.
  • How about the resale value of the Mac? Let say I sell after 3-4 years, is it possible to get 30-50% of the original cost if the product is maintained properly?
  • Would you guys expect me to go for another model? or update some hardware?
  • 2018 MacBook – i7, 16GB RAM, 256 SSD, without touchbar, Retina display – What price range should i expect?

P.S: I'm not looking at the MacBook Pro, just the MacBook. I don't have any need for GPUs or touchbar

I can't wait to use a mac! Been in love for quite some time! And it physically hurts to not own one of those smooth machines! Please discuss things I have missed out to mention 🙂

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