Keep randomly getting /index.php/ in link Urls with Pantheon (nginx)


I have a live D8 pantheon site and keep randomly getting index.php in the menu link urls. It’s now happened four or five times. We’ve set a base url for the sitemap, so it has prevented the sitemap from including index.php (which it did the first time). And we’ve also redirected from /index.php to / in settings.php, which works fine.

But still, today, on the live site, we found that a bunch of menu links randomly had /index.php/ in the paths (it was all the links referencing a node). And if we clear the cache or just wait 20 minutes, it magically fixes itself.

I haven’t had enough time with the problem persisting to successfully debug it. This is similar to the following link, but the solution here is for apache, whereas pantheon uses nginx.

Anyone ever run into this or have an idea where to start prodding next? Any help or debugging suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Drupal 8.5.3

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