Is there a way to execte jquery event after ajax callback has been completed?


Having a simple form with few input fields.
After clicking on ajax callback submit button, I’m returning the table element.


//Hypertension treatment
        $form['hyper_treat'] = array (
      '#type' => 'radios',
      '#title' => ('Hypertension treatment:'),                                  
      '#options' => array(
        'y' => 'Yes', 
        'n' => 'No'

    $form['hyperchol'] = array (
  '#type' => 'radios',
  '#title' => ('Hypercholesterolemia:'),                                        
  '#options' => array(
    'y' => 'Yes', 
    'n' => 'No'

//submit button
    $form['action'] = [
    '#prefix' => '
', '#name' => 'ajax_action', '#type' => 'button', '#value' => $this->t('Submit'), '#ajax' => [ 'callback' => '::setMessage', 'wrapper' => 'scrollable', 'method' => 'replaceWith', 'effect' => 'fade', ], ]; //table $form['table'] = array( '#prefix' => '

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', '#type' => 'tableselect', '#suffix' => '
', '#header' => $header, '#options' => $options, '#disabled' => $disabled, '#attributes' => array('id' => 'sort-table'), '#empty' => t('Select criteria and search data'), ); //callback function public function setMessage(array $form, FormStateInterface $form_state) { $options = getOptions(); //gets the associative array $form['table']['#options'] = $options; return $form['table']; }

I had issues with the pagination and sorting of the table returned using ajax.
So I thought of using “Datatables” as the alternative option.

So after the callback, I would want to apply the below jquery to have the table shown as a datatable.

 $('#sort-table').DataTable( {
        order: [[ 1, 'asc' ]]
    } );

Tried executing the ‘mousedown’ event for the button but the jquery executes before the ajax callback.

Is there a possible way to represent the $form[‘table’] element returned from the ajax callback, as a datatable?

Triggering any other event after table returned would display it as a datatable, but I’m looking to have the returned table displayed as a datatable immediately after the $form[‘table’] is returned. This happens only when the jquery snippet is executed immediately after the table element is returned from the ajax callback function.

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