Is Drupal 8 ready for big website development?


I have a good experience with Drupal 7 and build many website using D7 Verison.

Now, i am in process of building a new big website with plenty of user interactions by collecting data from webforms…

And to avoid the nightmare of ugrading my website from D7 to D8 1 or 2 years later… So i decided to start my new project using the D8 version.

I was checking some of the modules required by my project and found that almost all modules do not have stable releases yet (Yellow Color)

The website will be heavily based on:

  • Rules

  • Group

  • Webform

  • Bootstrap Theme

  • Quick Tabs

  • Display Suite

  • Footable

  • Field Permissions

I will be facing plenty issues by using such modules in D8 or they are already safe to be used ?!

In other hand, is it better to stick with D7 for time being until D8 becomes more stable ?

Thank you for your help and ideas,

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