How to configure Drupal Commons Activity Streams


I’m wondering what is the best way to “hack” into the Drupal-Commons Activity-Streams.
As an example, I’d like to remove the profile-pictures from the user-specific-activity stream.. (to provide each user with with a stream of his/her likes and shares..) Since such a list would be for personal use, there’s no need to see the user’s own picture in front of every line, nor should it say the user’s name, “Jeff liked this” “Jeff shared that”, but instead should read something like “i liked” “i shared”..
A different scenario would be enabling comments into the activity stream for certain kinds of groups and not for others..
There’s been various discussions in this regard over the years but, as far as I can tell, with no clear conclusions.
I’m wondering what would be an easy way to achieve this, and if it’s possible to do without diving too deep into code.
Perhaps the best way would be to create new views using the existing message types that are already available in Commons?
Kind regards,
commons 7.x 3.46

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