How to add custom sort order to a taxonomy field list?


I am trying to sort the list of content according to the weight order given to taxonomy term.
work scenario: Imagine I am from “company A” stored in my cookie. Based on my company content in a view is getting showing. (company A is the taxonomy term used for filtering).
But for a particular view I’m trying to show contact-person-details (content type).

When I view that page: content is shown either in ascending or descending order of the date I have created. It will be generic for all users that particular contact (content) was tagged(company).

But when I am entering the contact-person-details content, while tagging the content to a company list like (company a). I want to have a textfield box allowing me to enter the number so I can sort the content in order in the view.

I would like to know is there a existing possibility to weight the taxonomy list in field.

Image in the image attached above: Select list

Test one (company A) for understanding
Test sort
test sort it

image all these Test … are company names

So right next to Sort one I should be able to give a number to able to weight it.

This gives better understanding when user logs in and view the page and see the primary contact person.

If it is still complex to understand I will try to edit my explanation.

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