How to add content inbetween node fields on node creation?


I have a node called survey. Inbetween fields I want arbitrary text. The text is not associated with a field. I tried adding a “group”, but could not find a way to add html. Then I looked at adding some kind of plain text field, but also no luck.

I’m sure I’ve done this using groups in the past, but I just can’t seem to find out where to do it. Any ideas?

And just to be clear:
– I have a node called survey
– It has fields on it like “name” and “email” address
– Inbetween name and email, I want, for example, to show an image and some text. I want to be able to enter the html to do this, but not sure how to add it?

In code, I would just add a type “#markup”, but how do you do this via the interface?

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