Customise Mollom status messages


I had a look around and couldn’t see if this had been asked before so decided to create a new question. Please delete this if this is a duplicate.

I’d like to customise the status messages that appear to users when they trigger the captcha and profanity filter, as the default messages are quite long winded. My experience with Drupal is VERY limited and am not sure if there is a module specific hook for overriding such settings, or if this is relating to core/a core hook.

I’ve had a look at the mollom.module code and notice that the message is being set at line 2220

form_set_error('mollom', t('Your submission has triggered the profanity filter and will not be accepted until the inappropriate language is removed.'));

My question being – is there a simple hook I can use to access this? Perhaps in my preprocessor functions? What is the ‘Drupal way’ of modifying this message?

If it is of any relevance I am using the Entityform module for my form. Please let me know if you need me to provide additional information.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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