Create a view of the 'Recent Log Messages'


I would like to give an admin user (not User 1) permission to see the Recent Log Messages (/admin/reports/dblog), but I only want him to see ‘User’ logs. As it is a subscription website he could see who has been signing up and cancelling their accounts. But if I was to give them this permission, they will also be able to see all the other log messages, which I do not want them to see.

I have searched for a module that allows permissions by Log Type (access denied/cron/page not found/etc.) , but with no luck. My best idea is if there was a way to create a View of the recent log messages, I could then create a filter to only show User messages.

Is there a module or some hook where I can limit a users access to ‘Recent log messages’ by ‘Type’?

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