Archive view – taxonomy terms links to empty page


First question here so bare with me gurus…


I have a custom block on my front page that has links to several archives (all made with views). They all work as intended except one view.

The path in question in the custom block is …/archive-by-category. This brings you to a page that shows a list of taxonomy terms with a short description, e. g. ´Modules… everything related to modules´. So far so good. The taxonomy terms are links and the idea is that clicking on a term leads you to a page view outputting the content related with the term…. But what I get is an empty page…E.g. the term ´modules´ leads to …/category/modules which is an empty page…

I can not get my head around how to solve this…

This is the page in question:

and the view:
view settings

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