Hey /r/javascript, my name’s Tim and I do (ad-free) javascript videos and livestreams on intermediate-advanced topics : javascript


Hi /r/javascript!

My name’s Tim and you might remember me from my old post from ~10 months ago where I talked about my free open source course “Build products with javascript”.
Since then I’ve done two more javascript courses on Electron apps and Data Science.

At some point it became apparent that large courses don’t do that well – people seem to drop them mid-way :|, so I’ve switched to ~1h weekly livestreams and shorter (~15mins) recaps for the topics suggested by the viewers.

So far I’ve done:

As usual, all materials are published absolutely free, without any ads and under permissive licenses (MIT for code, Creative Commons for videos).

There are two reasons why I’m writing here:

  1. Maybe there are some people who’ll find it interesting
  2. I need your help to decide what to cover next!

Doing user-suggested livestreams turned out to be pretty fun. I have to learn a ton of new things myself for almost every livestream, and there’s typically a lot of very interesting questions from viewers.
So I want to keep doing that.
And now I need your help to decide on what area to talk about next.
You can do that by heading over to this github repository and either adding a new issue for a new topic, or voting (just leave any reaction) on any of the existing issues.
Every Tuesday I pick the most “upvoted” issue (the one with most reactions) and livestream doing that on Wednesday.

Some links to the related resources:

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